Brand - Trumen

Limit sensing of solid and grainule (granule) materials in a bin is a very common industrial application. LSV - Limit sensing switch for Solids that is based on Vibration principle is a compact Solid Fork offered by Trumen Technologies. The vibrations are actually tuned osciallations of a tuning fork. This tuning fork is made from Stainless-Steel stripes known as "tines".

Level sensing of fluids of varied nature is consistent requirement in every manufacturing process. LFV - Limit sensing switch for Liquids or Fluids based on Vibration or Tuning Fork principle are compactLiquid Forks offered by Trumen Technologies. These liquid level switches are vibronic devices and have proved their versatility in level detection and level limit sensing for myriad of applications. The vibrations are actually tuned oscillations of a tuning fork.

Vibrating Rod Level Limit Switch

Level Sensing Instrument

Two element vibrating or tuning forks have one inherent limitation of grainule size for any given application involving fork as level sensing switch. The issue of material pabbles getting struck into the fork tines is one of the major concern.

RF Admittance type Level Limit Switch

Level Sensing Instrument

RF-Admittance point level detection is a variant of capacitance type level detection, with exception to an extra compensation "shield" being added between sense and ground, and an entirely distinctive electronic circuit to evaluate presence of material, while, rejecting the coating built-up on sensing rod due to sticky nature of bulk solids.

RF Capacitance type Level Limit Switch

Level Sensing Instrument

RF-Capacitance point level detection is based on the change in capacitance of the capacitor formed by sensing probe and the wall of the container. The material acting as dielectric modifies the value of this capacitor - as explained below in operating principle. In case if wall is non-metallic, a secondary ground probe or reference probe may be required.

Just like capacitance is created by material and the sensing rod, as explained in the operation of Capacitance Switch, the same principle is employed in capacitance type level measurement, the working principle is explained more elaborately here. Trumen TLT is fully digital (no potentiometer) design and is easy to install and use for variety of liquid level measurement and transmission.

Conductivity type Level Limit Switch

Level Sensing Instrument

Conductivity level limit switches are simplest of all level sensing methods utilizing electrical properties of process materials. Most of the process materials are water based or conductive in nature on account of having free ions. Trumen LWS employs this simple level sensing measurement principle (see below) in a very innovative way.