Category - Monitoring Devices

GIC offers a variety of voltage monitoring relays that are built for the sole purpose of protecting your equipment against the damaging effects of abnormal voltage conditions and fluctuations.

GIC’s state-of-the-art Current Monitoring Relays protect your mechanical apparatus from overloading and other conditions that might cause impairment.

Equipped with easily configurable operating modes, GIC’s innovative product monitors and detects Earth leakage faults so as to protect your power systems and equipment.

The Frequency Monitoring equipment manufactured by GIC helps monitor the frequencies of 3 signals. The easy to use and durable device monitors over/under frequency, and ensures orderly operation of the grid.

Overheating can cause considerable damage to expensive equipment. The Temperature Monitoring devices by GIC, helps overcome such issues and keeps them running at an optimal temperature. The added advantage of LED indicators, accurately show the current condition of the equipment and helps it function efficiently.

The aesthetically made Level Controller by GIC India is perfect to protect submersible pumps from dry running and at the same time, prevents overfilling. It has a fully automatic operation functionality, helping it to drain and fill simultaneously.