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Power - Genex

Dynamic valve drive to convert 4~20 mA current signal to pneumatic output pressure with state-of-the art piezoelectric technology

Chemline SP Series Proportional Ball Valve is designed for proportional (linear) flow control of chemicals or clean fluids. The ball is specially designed to provide linear characterized flow control 20 degree through 90 degree rotation of the handle. This valve is similar but not of the same design as other V-port ball valves. It offers excellent control and Cv values higher or similar to those of diaphragm valves. With a positioning electric actuator, this becomes an inexpensive control valve.

Controls and Flow Meters

Chemline Plastics

Controls and Flow Meters Gauge Isolators, Air Release Valves, Back Pressure/Relief Valves, Pressure Regulating/Reducing Valves,Characterized Control Valves, and Variable Area Flow Meters.

Performing the function of converting the protocols of one device to make it suitable for another device, the state-of-the-art GIC Protocol Converters help attain interoperability efficiently and seamlessly.

Having a high communication speed, the Interface Converters by GIC offer a cost-effective solution to a smooth interworking between different communication interfaces.

The sleek Signal Transducers by GIC India have the added advantage of a fast output response time and come with the choice of 16 analog input-output configurations.