Category - Gas Measurement Systems

The rotary gas meters are positive displacement meters, designed to measure quantity of gas, for custody transfer or technical measurement applications. The devices are mainly applied for gas fl ow ranges from 0.2 up to 650 m³/h, and the pressure range up to 20 bar. Special design rotary gas meters may also be used in higher pressure installations.

CGT series turbine gas meters are flow meters designed to measure quantity of gases. The meters are mainly used for gas flow ranges from 6.5 up to 6500 m3/h. The CGT series gas meters are applied in measurement systems where high accuracy is required

The CGZW Orifice Flowmeters are designed for volume measurement of flowing gas, and may be used for the following purposes

CPT-01 Quantometer


CPT Quantometers have been designed in order to provide our customers with reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for secondary flow measurements. Our great experience in designing and manufacturing of turbine and rotary gas meters resulted in the development of industrial quantometers.

The microcomputer CMK-02 Volume Corrector is supplied either form batteries or from mains, and may be used in gas measuring systems where high measurement accuracy , reliability and servicing simplicity is required at competitive price.

CRS-03 Data Logger


The CRS-03 Data Logger is dedicated to work with turbine, rotary and diaphragm gas meters equipped with low frequency reed contact pulse transmitter. Its main task is to record the measured volume of flowing gas in real conditions and assign the "peak hour", i.e. maximum hourly gas consumption together with the moment of its occurance.