Brand - Chemline Plastics

Low Flow Sensors

Flow Meter / Flow Sensor / Flow Switch

Low Flow Sensors Type ULF Ultra Low Flow Sensors are available in two flow ranges (1.5 to 100 l/h or 6 to 250 l/h) with ¼" male BSP connections. Type F3.80 Oval Gear Flow Sensors are positive displacement flow meters suitable for high viscosity fluids in two flow ranges (10 to 100 l/h and 25 to 150 l/h) with ¼" female BSP connections.

Flow Sensors

Flow Meter / Flow Sensor / Flow Switch

Paddle Wheel Flow Sensors generate a square wave output signal with frequency proportional to flow velocity. This pulse output is normally fed to a FlowX3 Instrument. Type F3.00/F3.01 are the core items in the Digilfow FlowX3 line. Type F3.10 Mini Flow Sensor features compact size and low cost. Type F3.20 for high pressure applications (1,600 psi) at up to 120°C (248°F).

Flow Switches

Flow Meter / Flow Sensor / Flow Switch

Flow Switches trip an electrical relay when flow velocity decreases below a preset trip point. Type F3.05 No-Flow Switch is not adjustable. Type F3.15 and Type ULF3.15 are Adjustable Flow Switches.

Level Controls

Photo Sensor / Level Sensors

Level Control: Small Tank Level Measurement - EchoPod, Transmitters, Level Switches, Flow Switches, Bulk Tank, Switch-Pac, Switch-Pro, Switch-Tek

Ball Valves : SP Series Proportional

Converters / Signal Converter

Chemline SP Series Proportional Ball Valve is designed for proportional (linear) flow control of chemicals or clean fluids. The ball is specially designed to provide linear characterized flow control 20 degree through 90 degree rotation of the handle. This valve is similar but not of the same design as other V-port ball valves. It offers excellent control and Cv values higher or similar to those of diaphragm valves. With a positioning electric actuator, this becomes an inexpensive control valve.

Controls and Flow Meters

Converters / Signal Converter

Controls and Flow Meters Gauge Isolators, Air Release Valves, Back Pressure/Relief Valves, Pressure Regulating/Reducing Valves,Characterized Control Valves, and Variable Area Flow Meters.

Ball Valves : Type 21

Control Valves

Chemline Type 21 True Union Ball valve incorporates state of the art features for long term performance. This is a full port, full blocking True Union valve pressure rated at 16 bar (230 psi). Double stem o-rings and Safety Shear stem design provide for a high degree of safety on hazardous fluid applications. All sizes have an ISO standard actuator mounting platform.

Ball Valves : OM Series

Control Valves

Chemline Compact Ball Valves are manufactured to the same high quality standards to the Type 21 True Union ball valve. They are used on applications where union end valves are not necessary or desired such as drain valves for tanks. They are also lower cost and more compact.

Ball Valves : Type 23

Control Valves

The Chemline Type 23 Multi Port Ball Valve incorporates all the quality features of the Type 21 True Union type. One Multi Port valve eliminates the need for two standard ball valves and a tee in many cases. A choice of several flow patterns is available. L-Port is supplied standard. X-Port offers flow straight through ports 1 and 2. T-Port connects all three ports simultaneously

Ball Valves : HC Series

Control Valves

The HC Series offers an unobstructed full port which allows passage of mechanical pipe cleaners or “pigs”. Applications include unfiltered sea water and sewage lines. It is also suitable for mild slurries and vacuum lines.