Indicator : SUR-94

Meter with large, readable display, with universal input (0/4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-150 mV, Pt 100/500/1000 or TC type K, S, J, T, N, R, B, E), with 2 or 4 relay (or OC type) outputs. The version without relay outputs is also available.




Power supply 19V ÷ 50V DC; 16V ÷ 35V AC or 85 ÷ 260V AC/DC
Input universal (programmable): current; voltage; milivoltage; thermoresistance or thermocouple type K, S, J, T, N, R, B, E
Display LED, red (green on request), 4 x 20 mm high
Measurement range current: 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, voltage 0-5 V, 1-5V, 0-10V or 2-10V, milivoltage 0-60 mV, 0-75 mV, 0-100 mV or 0-150 mV; thermoresistance: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, measuring range -100°C ÷ 600°C; thermocouple K: -200°C ÷ +1370°C; S: -50°C ÷ +1768°C; J: -210°C ÷ +1200°C; T: -200°C ÷ +400°C; N: -200°C ÷ +1300°C; R: -50°C ÷ +1768°C; B: +250°C ÷ +1820°C; E: -200°C ÷ +1000°C
Displayed values range -999 ÷ 9999 + decimal point
Power consumption for 85 ÷ 260V AC/DC and 16V ÷ 35V AC power supply: max. 4,5 VA; 19V ÷ 50V DC power supply: max. 4,5 W
Stability 50 ppm/°C
Output 0, 2 or 4 relays 1A/250V AC (cos fi=1) or the OC 30mA/30VDC/100mW; transducer power supply output: 24V DC +5%, -10% / max. 100 mA, stabilized, not insulated from measuring inputs; active current output: operating range max. 0 - 24 mA, load resistance max. 700 Ohm
Communication interface RS-485, 8N1 and 8N2, 1200 bit/s ÷ 115200 bit/s, Modbus RTU (not galvanically isolated from measuring inputs)
Case material NORYL- GFN2S E1
Protection class IP 65 (front), available additional frame IP 65 for panel cut-out sealing; IP 20 (case and connection clips)
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ +50°C
Accuracy 0.1% @25°C (inputs: current, voltage, milivoltage, thermoresistance, thermo-couple K, J, E); 0.2% @ 25°C (thermocouple N), 0.5% @25°C (thermocouple S, T, R, B)
Case panel mounting
Storage temperature -10°C ÷ +70°C
Panel cut-out dimensions 90,5 x 43 mm
Case dimensions 96 x 48 x 100 mm
Installation depth min. 102 mm