Coaxial cable SPDs SA-ITV series, CS series, OAST series


General Information

Otowa High Frequency Surge Protective Devices for coaxial cable are generally applicable for various signals lines. They are designed and tested to manage the transient overvoltages caused by lightning strikes on coaxial cables even sometimes connected directly to outside aerials. The coaxial product lines cover the TV and ITV system and others with C2 and D1 impulse durability. They are avaiable with N, BNC, F connections.



- IEC category C2, D1 lightning durability

- Superior high frequency performance

- Protect surges from aerial antenna of Digital TV, BS, CS broadcasting line

- C2 : 8/20μs 5kA, D1 : 10/350μs 2kA

- SA-ITV series covers DC powered signal line



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