RS485 AMR Water Meter

RS485 true AMR electronic water meter, not the conventional mechanical-electronic water meter, as no mechanical gear train and totalizer Flow rate sensor technology, high accuracy & Class C Meet with ISO 4064-1: 2005 & OIML R49:2006 Meters are of the multi-jet rotary vane

The electronic water meter developed by one fully new concept technology: contactless electronic flow rate sensor. It is patent protected in China. 
It’s working principle as: 
When water pass through the inner chamber of water meter, the impeller with magnet ring rotates, it couples with the electronic flow rate sensor which inside movement component embedded magnet ring by no-contact condition and they rotate synchronously. Also electronic flow rate sensor inside has element with stored electric field energy, the electric field changes together with the rotation movement, so that sensor element gets the accurate electronic signal and it connects signal with control circuit, the CPU of control circuit calculates signals, then reaches the intention of metering. At the same time control circuit converts metering data to computer by M-Bus (RS-485) protocol, so realizes remote transmission and automatic meter reading.

Since our multi-jet water meter without any mechanical great train & the totalizer, so it is one new concept and new technology true & real electronic water

The electronic water meter is used for measurement of cold water consumption in household and high-floors flats & office buildings as well as industry. 
Residential water meter, domestic water meter, irrigation water meter

Water meter specifications:

Technical data

Metrological class 2
Ambient class Meets OIML R49 Class B and C (Indoors/outdoors)
Ambient temperature 2~50℃
Protection class Not IP68, water entrance
Medium temperature T30 (0.1~30℃)
Pressure grade MAP10 (PN10)
Pressure loss p63 (0.063MPa)
Battery life 8 years
Upstream sensitivity U15
Downstream sensitivity D10
Reversed flow Impossible to measure

Meter flow data

Model No. Nom. Flow
Q3 (m3/h)
Min. Flow
Q1 (m3/h)
Max. Flow
Q4 (m3/h)
Flow Turndown
Start flow
Max Tolerance
Q2≤Q≤Q4 Q1≤Q
LX-15DY1 2.5 0.020 3.1 125 3 ±2% ±5%
LX-20DY1 4.0 0.025 5.0 125, 160 5 ±2% ±5%

RS485 output

Meter reading before decimal in M3

Competitive Advantage:

1.     Provides accurate flow rate measurement by the no-contact flow rate sensor, Class C
2.     Over 12 years life Outlasts all conventional mechanical water meters’ 6 years lif,  longer life ensures large long term cost saving
3.     LCD displays battery volume, water consumption
4.     5 timers higher tamper resistant than international standard, anti-Electromagnetic shade inside to avoid factitious spiteful attack
5.     Lithium battery life over 6 years which can be replaced with zero effect to performance
6.     No-return valves not require 
7.     Compatible with wide range of AMR (Customized)
8.     Easy maintenance without replacement of any parts by special test bench software.
9.   The water mete can be re-calibrated to perfect measuring tolerance after 6 yeas' usage by our special test bench, also its reading can be reset to 0, which exactly one new water meter.