Control Valves

Over the years, our range has evolved as among the widest in Globe Control Valves, addressing a wide cross section of tough Industrial Applications including:


- Boiler Feed Pump Recirculation or SH/ RH/ PRDS Spray in 500MW Thermal Power Plants

- Primary Heat Transfer & Moderator System Control Valves for 540MWe Nuclear Power Plants

- High Pressure Steam Vent & Condenser Dump Application

- Anti-Surge Control Valves

- Ammonia Letdown Applications

- Cryogenic Applications

- Smart Valves


MIL 21000 Series

Control Valves


MIL 41000 Series

Heavy Duty Cage Guided Control Valves


MIL 77000 Series

High pressure drop multiple stage labyrinth

control valves

MIL 78000 Series

Multi-step anti-cavitation and low noise

control valves

MIL 91000 - Matrix Series

Extreme pressure multi-stage and multi-path

anti- cavitation control valves

MIL 29000 Micropak

Micro flow Control valves with Field adjustable

Cv & Optional Multi-Stage, Anti-Cavitation Trims


MIL 25000 Trip Valves


MIL 10000 Series

Double Ported Top and Bottom Guided Control Valves


MIL 50000 Cryogenic Control Valves

Double Ported Top and Bottom Guided Control Valves


MIL 81000 Three - Way Control Valves


Angle Valves

(70000/71000/77000/ 78000/91000 Series)