Automatic tension controller

Automatic tension controller STC-858A

Tension controller features:

(1)     The menu function enables storage and reading of 4 types of operation data.

(2)     The optional memory cassette enables reading of operation data and writing of data in the other STC-858B tension controller.

(3)     The controller has a weak excitation function for powder clutch / powder brake.

This function will improve the torque rising operation in low-speed operation mode or during the initial start-up of machine.

(4)     The controller automatically judges the polarity of the detector signal, therefore, wiring is performed with ignoring the specification (compression or tension)

(5)     The dot matrix type liquid crystal display is adopted for this controller, it has the capability of displaying Chinese characters.

Tension Controller Environment Spec:

Working condition Ambient temperature: 0~40 °C
Environment humidity: 35~85% RH (no frost)
Non-corrosiveness, no flammabel gas, no conductive dust, dust free
Vibration 10~50Hz 0.55mm (Max 4.9m/s2)
Grounding D type grounding (Fordid to connect with strong electic wires together
Weight Approx 3.5kg


Application sample:

* Printing systems: conveyors and in-feeders

*Wood-working systems: saws, wood-working machine, laminators
* Office equipment: electronic copy machines, calculators, fax machines, coin counters, printers
* Testing systems: lab machines, durability testers, measuring systems
* Food processing systems: meat cutting machines, cookie making machines, canning machines, noodle making machines
* Others: speed reducers, electroplating machinery, physics and chemistry machines, paper-making machines, pulp processing machines.